Indications That Your House Needs a New Exterior Paint 

At some point, you will find yourself in front of your house asking if does it always look like that. It is time to update the look of your house with a fresh paint coat if it doesn’t feel like home anymore. However, most of the time, homeowners don’t know when it is best to paint their houses. Most of them typically wait too long to have their houses repainted. This can cause issues, such as leaks and damage.  

So, before you call a painter for painting quotes, here are a couple of signs that you should look for to know if your home needs a new coat of paint.  

Overall Look 

No one knows the look of the siding of your house better than you. It is time for an update if you are not contented with the appearance of your house anymore. Sometimes, homeowners have houses that were painted with a flashy color before they bought the house. Of course, if this is the case, you’ve got to do your part. On several occasions, people just want to change their house with a new paint coat to make it more of their own.  


As paint ages, discoloration happens. Your house might appear ugly, old, or odd eventually. Your paint is probably failing if you notice that the surfaces of your house are discolored. There’s a high possibility that it will chip or crack soon. If the paint is exposed to the sun’s rays constantly, the discoloration can happen. Also, you might notice that the paint is discolored if moisture has leaked under the paint’s surface. This can make a perfect condition for mold to develop. Obviously, before you repaint your home’s surface, you will have to get rid of this issue first.  

Chipped Paint 

Do you find a lot of chipping paint around your house? Well, this is enough proof that your house needs painting. You should keep an eye out for chipped and cracked paint if you aren’t sure of the paint’s age at your house. This is the most noticeable indication that your house needs attention. If the paint that was utilized on your house hasn’t stood the test of time, you might even have cracking or to chip. This also happens if the paint was poorly applied. Damage to the paint might also be a sign that moisture is leaking under the paint. Before you provide a fresh paint coat, you’ve got to fix this problem first. A professional painting contractor can help you with this problem if you notice cracked or chipped paint around your house’s exterior.  


Your house will need exterior painting at a particular interval. This greatly depends on the type of material of which it’s built. Though wood siding will need attention every couple of years, brick can go without a new paint coat for a lot of years. Also, for years, vinyl siding can stay unaffected by the elements. If your house is covered in vinyl siding, you can paint it every 20 years.