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Belgium: Two deaths in Total oil of the explosion at the refinery in Antwerp

Belgium: Two deaths in all oil explosion at the refinery in Antwerp Two contractors working for the French oil company Total have been killed in an explosion at a refinery in the Belgian city of Antwerp. Another missing person has been found safe and sound. The company said that the explosion occurred in the steam system unit … Read more about collected in 9M oil / gas royalty in ’13 New Mexico received $ 479 million in oil and gas royalties in fiscal 2013 increased intake of the state in five years, the U.S. Department of Interior announced Tuesday. The news comes on the heels of Senator Tom Udall struggle to prevent … learn more about ABQ Journal
Colorado firefighters fear an explosion of marijuana oil output Boy injured in the explosion, two men in the house tried to “oil you use to smoke weed “, according to a study. This makes the explosion of one of several to be held on the state in recent years by people production … Read more about br