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Fort hard b Dollar oil Down to almost a barrel The price of oil fell to around 94 dollars a barrel on Thursday as an unexpected rate cut by the European Central Bank strengthened the dollar and global OPEC report shows enough. In mid-afternoon in Europe, benchmark crude for December … U.S. learn more about ABC News
OPEC changes have Shale Oil Projects Spike Output FOXBusiness. Shale oil drilling in Monterey, California. REUTERS. In its annual report, OPEC recognized sharp increase in U.S. production of shale oil could soften demand for oil cartel, but his head was later put shale boom will be short. .. Read more about
Berber militia takes western Libya oil Fund About 50 Berber militiamen stormed MELLITAH oil and gas complex early Thursday morning near zwar, about 110 kilometers (70 miles) from Tripoli, the official said. They demanded complex shutdown and halt gas exports to Italy, the official said. Learn more about ABC News