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oil skeptical markets offer price Iran has Oil markets against expectations of a nuclear Iran interim agreement would lead to cheaper oil, which suggests that there are many people opt for a diplomatic solution to Iran’s nuclear program. Traders hailed originally agreed in Geneva … learn more about Wall Street Journal
oil Low After revolution has Iran The head of the International Energy Agency said, however, that it would be difficult for Iran to increase oil production of its previous levels quickly, even though the international export restrictions have been lifted their . At the same time, Iran deployed more Details … Learn more about Fox Business
Transitions: oil Ultimatum Libya Central government is naturally reluctant to solve problems by using force against federal militias blocking oil terminals , fearing it could trigger civil unrest. The Tripoli authorities have also failed to rally … Learn more about as Foreign Policy (blog)
Stocks: Nasdaq through 4000, can not be here NEW YORK – The Nasdaq composite over in 4000 intraday trading on Monday for the first time since September 2000, a level that most investors thought they never see each other again after milling 78% in 1114 in the 2000-02 bear market. But … Learn more about USA TODAY