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Belgium: Two deaths in Total oil of the explosion at the refinery in Antwerp

Belgium: Two deaths in all oil explosion at the refinery in Antwerp Two contractors working for the French oil company Total have been killed in an explosion at a refinery in the Belgian city of Antwerp. Another missing person has been found safe and sound. The company said that the explosion occurred in the steam system unit … Read more about collected in 9M oil / gas royalty in ’13 New Mexico received $ 479 million in oil and gas royalties in fiscal 2013 increased intake of the state in five years, the U.S. Department of Interior announced Tuesday. The news comes on the heels of Senator Tom Udall struggle to prevent … learn more about ABQ Journal
Colorado firefighters fear an explosion of marijuana oil output Boy injured in the explosion, two men in the house tried to “oil you use to smoke weed “, according to a study. This makes the explosion of one of several to be held on the state in recent years by people production … Read more about br

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balance oil and fixing gas in Utah institute attracts 100,000 acres of Office Utah State Office of Land Management decided Friday to suspend 99,960 acres of oil and gas leases proposed in and around the beautiful San Rafael Swell state. This area was considered for all National Monument … Read more at Nigerian economy grows 6.81% in the third quarter oil while static Nigerian oil exports has continued in the second largest economy in Africa , the average daily production of crude oil rose 2.26 million barrels to 2.11 million barrels in the first quarter. Crude oil fell 2.52 million barrels to … Read more about b oil has production in Saudi Arabia under, U.S. Offers SAN FRANCISCO (Reuters) – Oil futures traded below 94 dollars a barrel on Monday, the pressure from the new rising crude oil exports from Saudi Arabia and worries over a supply glut in the U.S., but China’s economic reform plans limited losses. Read more about

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Norton oil Co in advance and wants his money back, but said she is not optimistic Reilly, 65, of Liberty Township, said she and her husband, James, 66, are “very frugal” when it comes to heating oil in his house in Block 100 Lakeside Drive South and other heaters that help consumption. Oil Limit They had money, so … Read more
b oil Manufacturers of refiners flooding shale U.S.: Energy Energy investors move their attention to refining stocks in the U.S., which added $ 20 billion in market value last year to Oil producers promising record production in shale fields. An S & P energy index U.S. shale oil explorers like Pioneer Natural … Read more at

Boxer reiterates call to oil option to suspend operations

Boxer reiterates its call to oil option to suspend operations Friday renewed his call for operators of facilities to pump oil and gas in University Park suspend operations, Environmental Protection Agency investigates complaints the fumes from the neighboring site is sick. In 2010, … Read more at
UPDATE 9 Brent rise on expectations Fed Libya NEW YORK, Nov., 14 (Reuters) – Brent crude oil rose Thursday supports interrupt Libyan production, while U.S. crude jumped as traders weighed bulging U.S. stocks, but both markets has attracted support expectations the Federal Reserve … Read more at Iraqi Oil company strengthen security attack suite Baghdad – Foreign oil companies operating in Iraq have strengthened security at the sites they control as a precaution after to attack first November Ahdab oilfield, 180 km [50 miles] south-east of Baghdad in Wasit province … Read more about

UNITED STATES oil Manufacturing carry foreign imports

b U.S. oil Manufacturing excess foreign import The United States has produced more crude oil in October. This is the first time this has happened since 1995. The United States is still a long way from energy independence, but the trend is definitely positive. Copyright ¬© 2013 NPR. For private … Read more about USA to become the first oil manufacturer in 2015 “Oil shale is good news for the U.S., but we do not expect this trend will continue after 2020, “the IEA said Fatih Birol, chief economist reporters Tuesday at the launch of World Energy Outlook 2013 in London. This will lead to an increase … learn more about CNNMoney

U.S. oil Prices reached a five-month low inventories swell United States Oil prices have hit a five-month low on inventories swell. Published November 14, 2013. Reuters. U.S. crude oil futures extended losses in excess of $ 1.00 at a low level in five months after government data showed a larger-than-expected rise in U.S. oil inventories. Read more about

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administration takes credit for crude Step “This step is a result of both government policies, such as increased fuel economy standards that cut fuel consumption, reduce carbon emissions and reduce utility bills and increased production, “Carney told reporters Wednesday. Carney said … Read more at
far should Oil Companies ready to go? World oil demand is growing. There are now more abundant cheap oil, which is driving prices higher, and it seems that $ 100 oil is here to stay. With such a high price, it gives a strong reason oil companies to increase production … Read more about

UPDATE 9 b Brent oil increases Iran talks end without agreement

UPDATE 9 b Brent oil increases Iran talks end without the No Iran nuclear deal, but inspectors given access to a * implied oil demand China up 0.3 percent in October * Data U.S. oil stocks delayed a day because of time off (Adds U.S. crude oil inventory survey in the last paragraph) by Jeanine Prezioso NEW YORK, November .. Read more about India HPCL may buy 6 million barrels of oil Iran If the government re-insurers NEW DELHI (Reuters) – Hindustan Petroleum Corp. Ltd. in India (HPCL.NS) can move about 6 million barrels of Iranian oil March 31 if New Delhi launched a fund to support insurers to cover plants with oil impact on the nation, penalties her … Read more about We do not know where oil b Posted by Keystone XL pipeline could eventually because the United States imports about 8 million barrels a day, it seems logical that conclude that 730,000 barrels of Canadian oil daily transported by pipeline to transport crude oil from countries like Venezuela and Saudi Arabia. learn more about com href = “″> Omaha World-Herald

b Train carrying crude oil explodes oil spills in Alabama wetlands

b Train carrying crude oil explodes oil spills in wetlands Alabama A 90 train cars derailed and exploded in rural Alabama early Friday morning, spilling its cargo of crude oil in nearby wetlands and light so intense that fire officials said it will take 24 hours to burn. No one was injured. Train … Read more at
why these Oil Majors betting heavily on the boom in U.S. energy Oil majors are increasingly dependent on domestic energy as the main source of oil production and development. What seemed impossible a few years ago seems to be true: some international super major drop abroad … Read more about

Congress Considering Discuss Oil Export Beware any gas costs

Congress Seen Discuss Oil While exports Beware gas costs Congress likely will consider easing restrictions on exports of oil to the U.S., but driven by the industry to sell more crude from abroad with the relevant impact on gasoline prices, lawmakers said. Senator Lisa Murkowski, the top … Read more about Sen. Boxer calls Los Angeles company to stop oil business Barbara Boxer, D-Calif., Asked for oil service companies to stop production at its factory in Los Angeles that has been the subject of hundreds of complaints from 2010, after some residents complained bleeding nose, headache, dizziness and … Read more about
OSX b oil oil company under bankruptcy protection Br√©silPour Adriano Pires platform, one of the best energy analysts in Brazil, the system protects against bankruptcy OGX and OSX badly brazil image abroad “at a time when the country needs to attract investment to the oil industry and for infrastructure projects, such as … Read more about

Why Iran will import a little less oil Markets

any Iranian moves slightly less oil Business When faced with a plethora crude supplies from the U.S. and slower growth in oil demand, traders fear that if there is an agreement between Iran and the countries on its nuclear program , which will take place at elimination of sanctions against Iran, which … Read more at Congress is about to consider releasing U.S. oil export restrictions? Congress likely will consider easing restrictions on exports of oil to the U.S., but the push by the industry to sell more crude abroad will be against the member’s impact on gasoline prices, lawmakers said. Senator Lisa Murkowski, the top … Read more about br Oil gross transportation security and Raw Price The collapse of the train carrying crude oil in Alaska, the fortunately caused no deaths but insisted on the question of difficulties to transfer crude oil safely when the system is energized. Growth in the production of shale oil … Read more at